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3 libations to fall in love with this autumn

The citizens of Austin let out a collective sigh of relief this week as we officially transitioned from summer to fall. The weather forecasters might be saying “high of low 90s” but we can’t stop thinking about football season, chilly nights, and pumpkin spiced everything. Before you reach for that PSL, warm up with some of Austin’s favorite seasonal drinks to get you in the autumn state of mind.

Dogfish Head Punkin Beer

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A September Event for Every Austinite in Your Life

Although the temperature outside might fool you, summer in Austin is regrettably coming to an end. It’s a good thing there are still plenty of awesome events to keep us entertained this upcoming month! We compiled a list of fun activities in Austin to suit everyone’s taste. Whether you’re into craft beer or fantastic films, museum days or totally out-there comedy, you need to add these events to your calendar ASAP.

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Ranking Presidential Candidates on Their Social Media Campaigns

Travel back to the 2008 presidential election. The thought that probably pops in your head is “Yes We Can.” In a time of economic upheaval, rousing political debate, and emerging digital platforms, one thing became clear: The political landscape had shifted and popular culture and politics became more entwined than ever before.

Social media was a major player in making this possible. In fact, some would even say that Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential victory couldn’t have happened without it. Through the advent of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, presidential candidates became more accessible to the population. Celebrities and the media began to influence the country’s opinion in a powerful way, and the masses could publicly voice their opinion beyond the ballot.

Fast-forward seven years and none of this has changed, except now there is even more social ground to cover for presidential hopefuls. Let’s take a look at two potential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in the very beginning stages of their campaigns and compare them by their social savvy.

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How Mommy Bloggers Became the Ultimate Social Media Butterfly

A picture of a baby wearing a business suit.

With the rise of mommy blogs in recent years, it is no surprise that these tech-savvy ladies would also learn to harness the power of social media to extend their reach and boost their influence. Overall, moms are actually one of the leading audiences using social media. According to a recent study by Social Media Today, moms are 20 percent more likely to use social media than the general population. They are also 38 percent more likely to become a fan of a brand online. Whether it is to connect with old friends or seek advice on what products or brands to use, moms are flocking to social networks, making them a crucial audience for brands to consider on these platforms.

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