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3 Ideas That Kill Your Path to Social Media Success

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I once read a book on neuroplasticity called “The Brain That Changes Itself,” which was all about our brain’s amazing ability to, well, change itself. The title got me thinking about how stubborn and ingrown our beliefs have become—often to our detriment.

If you’re looking for the link between me bragging about my reading list and the title of this post, then you’re about to get it: The marketing and business world suffers from a long-standing idea that social media is still a revolutionary idea when in fact, social media has been used in a business capacity for 13 years now. Even more impressively, social media has taken up permanent residence in our minds, changed the way we go about our days, and trained a whole generation to share personal things without reservation.

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6 Critical Components to Look for in a Social Media Team

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You’ve seen it – the unresearched hashtag, the incendiary personal post accidentally published on the company account, and, let’s face it, just unforgivably bad writing. These seemingly innocent mistakes can be the difference between brand prestige and brand infamy.

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