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Impact of Google’s New Local 3-Pack

Google introduces “3-pack” local results box

Image courtesy of Search Engine Land

The last time you did a search on your phone to find the best place in the area to grab a slice of pizza, you may have noticed that there were fewer results featured front and center. That’s because Google recently made a significant change to the way it arranges local search results. Not only has the number of businesses decreased from seven to three, but there has also been a slight redesign. This means big changes for how you find a pizza place and—more importantly for us—how you get your pizza place found.

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7 tools for the SEO guru

Must-have SEO tools


While SEO is a relatively new profession, there is one way it doesn’t differ from any other job–you need to know what tools you have at your disposal and when to use them. There’s no shortage of readily available SEO tools, both free and paid. You probably already know about Google Analytics, but in this post you will learn about a few others that seasoned SEO experts keep close by.

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