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Here’s your TL;DR for this week’s digital marketing news: 5/25/2015

Keeping up with hundreds of digital marketing blogs? Ain’t nobody got time for that!
Read on to learn about Google’s TrueView for shopping and what it’s doing for paid advertising campaigns. Also, content of the future gets a lot more innovative and a tad creepier, Facebook is testing its new “Add a Link” feature for easier shareability and new research schools you on better understanding your target audience.

Google Introduces TrueView for Shopping on YouTube

Wayfair.com uses YouTube’s new feature, TrueView, for shopping

Image via Google Adwords

Google recently introduced TrueView product listing ads for shopping. The ads are shown in boxes on the right-hand side of retailers’ YouTube video ads on both mobile and desktop. With a simple click, users are taken straight to the company’s website to purchase the product.
With the integration of the Google Merchant Center into video ads, advertisers only need to connect their campaigns with a Merchant Center feed to add products to their in-stream videos, customized for each user through contextual and audience signals like geographic and demographic info.
One of our in-house paid advertising specialist weighed in on the new feature:
“It’s no surprise that this new way of promoting products with video is so successful—but only with the right type of clients/businesses. My only concern is that lots of businesses are going to want to try the ’cool, new‘ thing, and this tactic is going to be wasted on products we’d really rather not see. I’d love the opportunity to try this out on one of our clients.” – Katy Winans, SaleAMP Sr. Paid Advertising Specialist
Content of the Future
As you know, content is king of the digital marketing world. Content will continue to reign over marketing in the future, but it may look a little different from the blog posts and e-books of today.
Expect to see more of these types of content in the not-so-distant future:

  1. Livestreaming – Meerkat is a new livestreaming app that allows your friends to see what you see in real time via Twitter. One of the most obvious plays for brands is to encourage consumers to livestream their product experiences.
  2. Augmented Reality – Augmented reality adds an additional dimension to our environment by overlaying virtual elements onto our physical surroundings.
  3. Virtual Reality – Virtual reality provides users with a virtual product experience but also goes a step further by removing the user from the physical world, immersing him or her into completely digital surroundings.
  4. Podcasting – Podcasting has been brought back to life thanks to smartphones. Many Americans are opting to listen to their favorite podcasts over music during their regular commutes.
  5. Nanobots – One of the scarier forms of content of the future are nanobots that have the potential to deliver messages directly to your brain in the form of images, sound and other stimulations.

“What’s cool about podcasts is that they add a richer layer to your storytelling, can be used for content pillars, and are a strong play if you want to be known as an authority. Nom Nom Paleo just recently started a podcast and Michelle Tam has been blogging for a really long time and has won awards for the site. I’m excited to hear this new extension of the brand.” – Resalin Rago, SaleAMP Sr. Content Specialist
Facebook’s “Add a Link” Update Takes on Search

Facebook’s “Add a Link” feature

Image via TechCrunch

In order to get more Facebook users posting and sharing links, especially across mobile, Facebook is testing an in-app keyword search engine that allows users to quickly find websites and articles to include in status updates by simply clicking the new “Add a Link” button. After you search for a keyword, Facebook will show a list of matching links you might want to share, allow you to preview the associated sites, and let you add a link to your status with a caption or share statement by tapping, making sharing content even easier.
“More than ever, original content is fundamental in a social strategy, especially now that people don’t even have to leave Facebook to get it. Since Facebook is pulling data from its own users for Add a Link search results, that implies that your content needs to be shared in the first place, otherwise your content is less likely to show up.” – Alana White, SaleAMP Social Marketing Coordinator
How Well Do You Know Your Audience?
Analyzing keywords is one of the first and most crucial tasks when a brand begins online marketing. The keywords the marketer chooses measure success for a brand, from visits to engagement to revenue. Traditional keyword research using Google Keyword Planner only provides a small glimpse of how users might be searching for your product or service.
A recent study by Blue Nile Research showed that half of users search their full query and half search for fragments. Fragment searchers are looking for “speed of search” and input the minimum amount of information, willing to click through multiple links to find what they are looking for. Full-query searchers do the opposite. They are looking for “depth of search” and put extra time and attention into make sure they are searching for the best possible phrases so that for the information they desire will appear at the top of their search results.
Blue Nile Research discovers 50% of users search for fragments while 50% of users search for full queries.

Image via Search Engine Land

This research basically shows us that users search in their own, distinct ways, making it more imperative than ever to know your audience and their search habits.
“The 50/50 split in searcher behavior sheds light on the ever-evolving nature of searcher intent. It not only provides implications on the manner in which keyword discovery and targeting is executed, but also what type of content is delivered to both types of searchers.” – Mical Juarez, SaleAMP SEO Specialist
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