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Here’s your TL;DR for this week’s digital marketing news: 8/17/2015

This week in digital marketing news, learn how customers can play a key role in your social media strategy, how to turn blog readers into customers, Panda 4.2 refresh updates, and what is driving your conversion rate.

Clients meet with marketing team

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Customers Play Key Role in Social Media Strategy
B2B companies have a few obstacles to overcome when trying to reach their audience via social media. The key is to involve current customers. Here are a few ways to do this:

  1. Case studies – Showcase your product or service while highlighting a valued client.
  2. Testimonials – People rely on the feedback and actions of others to determine what is right or wrong in a given situation.
  3. Content sharing or shoutouts – If you see a client’s post that is relevant to your audience, share it across your own social profiles to give your client a boost in reach while highlighting your relationship.
  4. Back-and-forth engagement – Don’t be afraid to have an open dialog with your client via social media.
  5. Ask for feedback – This proves you are listening and interested in followers’ concerns, good or bad.

“B2B social media marketing is amazing when done correctly and not the best when done poorly. This article has some great insights about using your existing clients in your marketing efforts. You can say a lot about your business, but you increase brand authority and legitimacy when your clients can speak on your behalf. I’ve come across too many clients that have neither case studies nor testimonialsmake sure these are part of your marketing efforts! Shoutouts, mentions, and content sharing are also great ways to provide added value to your existing clients while demonstrating your partnership skills to prospects.” – Michelle Courtright, senior social media specialist
How to Turn Blog Readers Into Customers
If your blog is not generating the type of results you’d like, try a few of these expert tips and techniques to turn blog readers into customers.

  1. Know your audience – Your audience dictates the topics and writing style most likely to drive conversions.
  2. Choose topics that resolve pain points – The best blog topics for driving conversions answer a common question or problem.
  3. Create content based on the buying cycle – Customers go through a buying cycle before making a purchase, and you can connect with them by addressing that experience.
  4. Format for easy reading – Readers want content that is easily digestible, so draw their eyes to the important parts.
  5. Monetize by playing on emotions – Most purchases we make are driven by the way we feel.
Ebay’s money back guarantee

Image courtesy of Content Marketing Institute 

  1. Limit distractions – Focus on a single point and include as few diversions as possible.
  2. Include testimonials – Written testimonials have been shown to increase conversions by 25 percent.
  3. Create sense of urgency – The idea that something we want is only available for a short period of time or will soon increase in price can be enough to drive conversions.
  4. Try not to be overly promotional – Trying too hard to sell your product and/or service will alienate customers and destroy credibility.
  5. Use remarketing – Target visitors to your site who have yet to convert.
  6. Be bold with CTAs – Have a clear call to action and tell your customer what to do.

“The world of marketing will continue to evolve. In order to unlock the conversion power of blogs, you must first research and clearly define your target audience. This will ensure the right people are finding your site, and that you can truly help and convert them with valuable content.” – Rachel Wanless, inbound marketing coordinator

Google Panda 4.2 updates

Image courtesy of Search Engine Land

Google Panda 4.2 FAQs
The latest Panda refresh hit mid-July. Search Engine Land reached out to Google to discuss the update. Major takeaways include:

  • Google will slowly be rolling out Panda 4.2 over several months.
  • Watch your analytics, isolate your Google organic traffic and note any large swings.

“We have no way of determining exactly when a site will get hit by the latest Panda update, but we do have a pretty good idea of how to avoid taking a hit. Make sure your site has unique, quality content that provides users with value and check the site’s architecture and coding is done right. By focusing on what you have control over, you’ll be able to worry less about what you can’t control.” – SEO team
What’s Driving Your Conversion Rate?
You can have the best design and the most amazing sales funnel, but your conversation rate may still remain stagnant. Sherice Jacob from KISSmetrics took a look at the core human behaviors and psychological tactics that are powering your conversion rate and advised how to use them to their fullest potential.

  1. Value – Make sure you are providing something of value to your customers. This should tie in with your Unique Selling Proposition.


Graph showing the most effective tactics for improving customer lifetime value

Image courtesy of KISSmetrics

  1. Consistency – Customers depend on getting the same product, service and level of care each time they order.
  2. Clarity – Your marketing message needs to be clear to your customers. Everyone from the CEO to the janitor should be involved in making this happen.
  3. Alleviate friction and “action paralysis” – These problems occur when there’s a misalignment of persuasive factors that can cause your conversion rate to flatline.

“Great post—particularly the list of questions customers ask themselves at the very last second that could prevent them from converting. I also like the section on making sure your UVP is fully realized on the page. Does your target clearly understand how your brand differs from competitors by reading the copy? To extend that, if you have a list of UVPs, make sure you’re matching the UVP to the target audience.” – Resalin Rago, senior content specialist
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