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How Mommy Bloggers Became the Ultimate Social Media Butterfly

With the rise of mommy blogs in recent years, it is no surprise that these tech-savvy ladies would also learn to harness the power of social media to extend their reach and boost their influence. Overall, moms are actually one of the leading audiences using social media. According to a recent study by Social Media Today, moms are 20 percent more likely to use social media than the general population. They are also 38 percent more likely to become a fan of a brand online. Whether it is to connect with old friends or seek advice on what products or brands to use, moms are flocking to social networks, making them a crucial audience for brands to consider on these platforms.
Mommy bloggers use many social tools at their disposal to raise awareness for their sites. Taking a look at what makes a mommy blogger successful, two key strategies are crucial in increasing followers and overall influence in the social sphere: 1) Earning trust and 2) Building community. 
Earning Trust
Mothers look to other mothers when making product purchasing decisions and that includes seeking advice via social media.Social Media Today states that 70 percent of moms have posted about a brand’s product or services on social media while 66 percent view social networking channels as a good source of information about brands. Moms frequently turn to other moms for advice on social networks, but how can brands earn this same level of trust with consumers?
It begins with providing high-value content on a consistent basis. Social engagement goes beyond promoting a product, also offering valuable content that connects with the audience on a more personal level. Mommy blogs are so successful because they are enthusiastic and passionate about the message they are spreading and seek genuine connections with other moms in need. Brands should strive to do the same.
One excellent example is mommy blogger Melissa Taylor who has gained almost 1.5 million followers on Pinterest by sharing her passion for teaching children. Using Pinterest to branch out beyond your product and promote a broader lifestyle will show the audience you are interested in what’s important to them and can provide them with valuable, compelling, and entertaining content.

Melissa Taylor's website.

Mommy blogger Melissa Taylor who has gained almost 1.5 million followers on Pinterest by sharing her passion for teaching children.

The next step in earning your audience’s trust is encouraging two-way communication. Mommy bloggers see it as their responsibility to address their audience’s questions and any complaints that may arise. Practicing effective customer service, even at the level of social media, is key in earning and maintaining the trust of your audience.
Building Community
Investing in open and honest communication will help build a community around your brand. Mommy bloggers achieve this by including fans in the entire social process. From asking for fan input to showcasing reader-inspired content, this tactic helps to increase brand loyalty in your audience.
Popular mommy blog, Mommy Shorts, asked its Facebook fans to contribute their own pictures of their babies dressed in suits to showcase on the blog (see the first image in the post). The initiative was so successful that it was named Meme of the Week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and earned coverage in several major media outlets. Never underestimate the power of your fans. Asking for your fans’ input and including them in your content not only builds brand loyalty between you and your current customers, but also has the power to grow your fan base even further by encouraging engagement.
A baby wearing a business suit.

Another baby wearing a suit. Totes adorbs.

Applying these effective mommy blog strategies will help your brand achieve similar results. Social media is exactly that –social. It should be a place where people with similar interests are able to come together and make meaningful connections. Fostering these ties will absolutely help your brand become a social success.

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