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In today’s digital age, technology allows education to be consumed regardless of geographical boundaries or time constraints. Higher education institutions are continuing to expand their program offerings locally and on the Web, letting winners dominate locally and drive leads from across the globe.

Competition is fierce, so universities need an edge – one that can deliver volumes of interested prospects against specific cost, degree and geographic targets. SaleAMP is the answer.

We’re delivering groundbreaking metrics for some of the most well-known and largest institutions in your industry. We eat, sleep and breathe cost-per-lead, application and enrollment metrics, and we work hand-in-hand with enrollment advisors to make sure we are driving quality inbound interest and accelerating the conversion of interested parties into applications.

SaleAMP’s Education division can dramatically change your P&L with paid and organic traffic while simultaneously decreasing cost per lead and cost per enrollment. In fact, we’re so confident in our approach that we’re willing to tie some of our compensation to performance KPIs, ensuring accountability and dedication to hitting your specific goals.

Reasons to work with SaleAMP:
  • Our EDU-specific digital capabilities augment, support or replace many of your existing resources
  • Having a single partner reduces operational costs and oversight
  • A unique business model maximizes your marketing budget
  • Alignment between ROI-focused resources and KPIs
  • Enterprise-level experience, project management, specialists and resources

Buying leads from aggregators? Did you know that branded leads are two to three times more likely to convert into a student? SaleAMP will let you shift precious dollars into your own ROI-focused marketing budget to extend your brand and close more students.

SaleAMP EDU represents local, domestic, international and online universities marketing in more than 60 countries. We know what it takes to drive volume, maintain quality and work hand-in-hand with enrollment advisors to deliver top-notch prospects and students.

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We are catalysts. We are pioneers. And we have the firepower to fuel your business growth.

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