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Mom Power: Four Reasons Why Brands Should Nurture Relationships With Mommy Bloggers

Mother’s Day is upon us and while the majority of Americans are pampering moms with brunch and gifts, marketing professionals should also be doing whatever possible to cater to a special group of these women: the Mommy Blogger. According to eMarketer there were 4.2 million mommy bloggers on the web as of March 2013. For marketers, everyday should be Mother’s Day.
Here are a few reasons why marketers should seriously consider mommy blogs to expand their brand’s awareness.
Number One: Moms Are EVERYWHERE!

  • Since as early as 2000, women have been using the Internet more than men.
  • Mothers represent a $2.4 TRILLION market.
  • 18.3 million moms on the Internet will read blogs at least once a month.
  • 63 percent of online moms will read blogs in 2014.

With these kinds of numbers, marketers cannot ignore the reach their message will have if they market to this demographic.
Number Two: Major Purchasing Power 
In the United States, women currently hold 60 percent of personal wealth. In the majority of households, women make the major purchasing decisions, and they are using digital media to make educated decisions to save money for their families. According to MediaPost, women account for 85 percent of ALL consumer purchases including everything from automobiles to healthcare for their families. In fact, many mommy bloggers are teaching their readers how to shop. The blog, The Art of Simple, created an ethical shopping guide to help their readers make purchases with a clean conscience.

The cover of the Ethical Shopping Guide

The Art of Simple’s Ethical Shopping Guide helps readers make purchases with a clear conscience.

If a company wants to reach the decision maker of the family, moms are the best place to start.
Number Three: Trusted Resource
When it comes to advice on a product or service, moms trust other moms. Approximately 64 percent of mothers ask other mothers for advice before they purchase a new product, and 63 percent of all mothers surveyed by MediaPost consider other moms the most credible experts when they have questions. When it comes to content marketing, more than two-thirds of moms consider blogs to be a trusted resource for parenting information. Mommy blogs are a great place for product reviews and to create brand awareness for your clients. One Good Thing is a great example of a mommy blogger offering valuable advice to her readers. She covers solutions for cleaning your suede boots to advice on how to mend broken relationships.
In addition, moms don’t want to risk their credibility by shilling out bad products. About 77 percent of mommy bloggers will write only about products or brands of whose reputations they approve on their blogs and 14 percent will write about negative experiences they have with a brand or product. While traditional advertising is still prevalent across all media platforms, mommy blogs are and continue to be a trusted source for women looking for expert advice and recommendations.
Number FourAnonymity and Community
Our world has changed with technology and motherhood is no exception. We are a far cry from the Tupperware parties and TV dinners of the 1950’s. Families move around a lot more and because of this, some of the most stable communities exist online. Also with the Internet comes anonymity. So while PTA meetings are still important, more mothers are turning to their online communities to learn better and more efficient ways to take care of their families without having to deal with parent politics or judgment. For example, the blog, Scary Mommy provides a confessional space for moms to share what is on their minds without judgment.
The header of the Scary Mommy blog.

Scary Mommy provides a confessional space for moms to share what is on their minds without judgment.

The Internet provides a “safe” place to talk about difficult issues like miscarriages, relationships and the best way to feed your baby. Moms mention brands an average of 73 times per week compared with just 57 times per week among males, according to MediaPost statistics.  Smart marketers will use this forum to reach out to moms and have a real conversation.
So for Mother’s Day this year marketing professionals everywhere should heed the advice, “Mother knows best!”

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