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The Bachelor final rose   Anyone who knows me can speak of my obsession with reality television. My particular favorite: “The Bachelor.” From the moment the eligible bachelorettes step out of the limo to meet their future ex-husband to the Fantasy Suite and the final rose, one thing is for sure—the audience is hooked. As much as "The Bachelor" has taught us what not to do in a relationship, there are some content marketing takeaways to learn as we watch the inevitable train wreck.  

Must-have SEO tools   While SEO is a relatively new profession, there is one way it doesn’t differ from any other job–you need to know what tools you have at your disposal and when to use them. There’s no shortage of readily available SEO tools, both free and paid. You probably already know about Google Analytics, but in this post you will learn about a few others that seasoned SEO experts keep close by.