Mom Power: Four Reasons Why Brands Should Nurture Relationships With Mommy Bloggers

Mother’s Day is upon us and while the majority of Americans are pampering moms with brunch and gifts, marketing professionals should also be doing whatever possible to cater to a special group of these women: the Mommy Blogger. According to eMarketer there were 4.2 million mommy bloggers on the web as of March 2013. For marketers, everyday should be Mother’s Day.

Here are a few reasons why marketers should seriously consider mommy blogs to expand their brand’s awareness. More


How Mommy Bloggers Became the Ultimate Social Media Butterfly

A picture of a baby wearing a business suit.

With the rise of mommy blogs in recent years, it is no surprise that these tech-savvy ladies would also learn to harness the power of social media to extend their reach and boost their influence. Overall, moms are actually one of the leading audiences using social media. According to a recent study by Social Media Today, moms are 20 percent more likely to use social media than the general population. They are also 38 percent more likely to become a fan of a brand online. Whether it is to connect with old friends or seek advice on what products or brands to use, moms are flocking to social networks, making them a crucial audience for brands to consider on these platforms.



Who run the world? Fierce Mommy Bloggers

A picture of Beyonce runnin' this.

But what makes them so fierce? In the second installment of our mommy blogger series, we’ll uncover the secrets to successful content creation by the best mommy bloggers. We’ll discuss how to target audiences, tell stories, and retain readership with post frequency and variety.



6 Mommy Blog UI and Design Elements That Would Make Mary Poppins Proud

In our first installment of the mommy blog series, we’re going to cover user experience and successful design elements of some of the more successful mommy blogs we have found. Here’s what most of these thriving blogs have in common in terms of design elements: More


Amplify the Awesome: From Core Values to Fostering Culture

A group photograph of the SaleAMP team

When I first started working at SaleAMP, the culture immediately stood out to me. I suddenly found myself surrounded by innovative, smart, kind people in a radical environment like no other I had worked in before. The office had walls painted with PacMan and the lounges sparkled from the light hanging from disco balls and were outfitted with comfortable couches.



Blanket Microsites: A Dying Breed?

Cookies on a cookie sheet, ready to be baked.

Let’s start by talking about why you’ve probably at least considered building a microsite for your online business.

You’ve completed your company’s first website and put extensive work into categorizing your products or services. You’ve worked on constructing a comprehensive About Us page that outlines your business’s unique and powerful culture and team. You’ve done a good job at putting “SEO” on your most important pages, and now you’re waiting for business to grow. Maybe you’ve even seen some new sales start coming in and have achieved some decent success with ranking in Google and Bing – but not for all of the keywords you hoped for.

What now?



The Secret to Making More Money With Pinterest (And an Olivia Newton-John Reference to Boot)

“The reality is that when you’re in the Pinterest mindset, you’re actually interested in acquiring items, which is not what people go to Facebook for,” Sephora’s head of digital Julie Bornstein said in an interview to VentureBeat. “Facebook continues to be just a great customer interaction tool that gives us the real-time ability to dialog with a customer; it’s a big customer-service venue for us.” More


The event is free and open to the public

The event is free and open to the public. Art Momentum is a student run, organized and juried art event. The evening will feature student art work on display and available for purchase. He says each should consider felony prosecution for anyone convicted twice of entering illegally and develop plans to target first time offenders and charge them with misdemeanors that could send them to jail for up to six months. Attorneys and give them significant leeway. Prosecutors in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona have taken a stance closer to what Sessions wants..

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