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SaleAMP’s comprehensive suite of content marketing services is just what your company needs to boost site traffic, drive conversions and leap ahead of your competitors. Using your enterprise’s individual needs as a starting point, we’ll put together a customized strategy that’s specifically tailored to your business.

Strategy and Assessments

A house is nothing without a good foundation, and we apply the same logic to our content services. That’s why we conduct in-depth audience research and asset-based gap analysis, monitor current trends and formulate specific buyer personas. This information becomes the basis of our mission to identify the best ways of reaching your audience. From there, we go on to formulate targeted keyword lists and deploy techniques such as page-by-page top URL comparisons and content pillaring to create compelling, shareable content.

Comprehensive Planning

They say a goal without a plan is just a wish, and that’s certainly true of content marketing.

Editorial Brief

SaleAMP puts together a detailed editorial brief that includes information about everything from your brand values and desired voice to your core initiatives and topics of focus. This is a “living document” that can be updated at any time in accordance with your wishes.

Editorial Calendar

Once we have a clear idea of the what, we turn our attention to the when – and that’s where your monthly editorial calendar comes in. This comprehensive document outlines our plan for your upcoming custom content, including headlines, keywords, article descriptions and publishing dates.

Varied Content

At SaleAMP, we offer a variety of content types that will help secure your company’s place as a respected thought leader within your industry. Our experts formulate your unique content strategy based on your company’s goals and our own research. Our plan for your enterprise may include authority pieces, blog posts, infographics, press releases, social messaging… and the list goes on.

Analytics and Reporting

Any marketer worth his or her salt should know that the behind-the-scenes effort put into an initiative doesn’t end on launch day – in fact, going live is just the beginning. Once SaleAMP begins producing your content, we leap into action to monitor engagement, keyword performance, bounce rates, time on page, social media traffic and a whole host of other metrics. In our mind, the content plan we use at kickoff is just version 1.0. Our comprehensive analytics and reporting will inform our strategy for your future content, setting you up for even higher audience engagement and conversion rates.

We are catalysts. We are pioneers. And we have the firepower to fuel your business growth.

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