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Who run the world? Fierce Mommy Bloggers

But what makes them so fierce? In the second installment of our mommy blogger series, we’ll uncover the secrets to successful content creation by the best mommy bloggers. We’ll discuss how to target audiences, tell stories, and retain readership with post frequency and variety.

Remember Who Your Audience Is
Mommy bloggers are familiar with their niche audiences and write content that is relevant to them. Understanding who your audience is and knowing what motivates them and their pain points is a key step towards successful content creation. Whether it’s a hilarious story about a diaper explosion or helpful couponing tips, mommy bloggers know what appeals to their readers. If you’re unsure about your blog demographics, there are plenty of ways to get a clearer picture. If you’re on a Blogger, Tumblr, or a self-hosted domain, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and reader surveys are great ways to see who is visiting your site. Once you have that information, mold your posts around what you think your demographics would like to read. For example, if you have a blog devoted to growing beards, we can safely assume your target audience is not teenage girls, so writing content about the new outfit you got at Forever 21 is a bad idea.
Make Your Stories Worth Reading
Remember, your readers are real humans who appreciate a well-written blog post. Mommy bloggers are great at telling stories, a true art form that requires a lot of thought and effort! They have a certain way of making a story about spit-up hilarious or a story about infertility heart-breaking. Creativity and vivid language are a good way to make your subject matter worth reading. Good examples of mommy blogs that use storytelling are First Time Mom and Dad and Scary Mommy. They both have great titles to entice their readers from the start and use diction, formatting, and illustrations to keep them hanging.
A word on capitalization, punctuation, and misspellings. Mommy bloggers DELIBERATELY (see what I did there) use caps, lots of exclamation points, italics, and even colloquial misspellings, to get their point across. They get away with this because it shows that they are real people who belong to the parenting community. It is strategic. That said, remember that content is a reflection of your brand’s personality so it should be taken seriously. For business blogs, it is always best to be as professional as possible, which means that you need to triple-check all published pieces to make sure they are free of errors.

Screenshot of Scary Mommy blog.

Good examples of mommy blogs that use storytelling are First Time Mom and Dad and Scary Mommy.

Post Frequently
Higher post frequency = more reader acquisition. Simple, really. As mommy bloggers share their daily lives, readers start to come back for more. They want to see the kids’ most recent antics, what they wore to Easter brunch, or what cool DIY project the mom did over the weekend. By posting regularly, you are not only becoming a regular source of information but you are also creating a relationship with your readers by giving them regular glimpses of your life or company culture. These relationships in turn leads to more site traffic, higher pages-per-view, and longer time-on-site. Each blog post is another indexed page on your website that sends a cue to Google that your website is active and relevant to your industry. For businesses, blog posts are also great opportunities to establish authority and answer frequent questions customers have. Have a business dedicated to pickles? A blog post about artisan pickle recipes can help you become a trusted source in a pickle shopper’s eyes.
Post Variety
In addition to posting regularly, it’s also important to have post variety. Though mommy bloggers focus mostly on the lives of their children and parenting, they are great at varying their posts with lots of different content that falls under the parenting category. For example, one day a mommy blogger may have an emotional post devoted to how scary it was leaving her baby with a babysitter for the first time, then the next day a recipe for 3-minute grilled cheese sandwiches. Love Taza and Bleu Bird focus on parenting and family but vary their posts by showcasing travel stories, fashion for moms, recipes, side projects, and more. For businesses, this is an important reminder that no matter how niche your blog may be, coming up with a variety of topics is key in keeping your readers interested and coming back for more.
Screenshot of the Bleubird blog.

Love Taza and Bleu Bird focus on parenting and family but vary their posts by showcasing travel stories, fashion for moms, recipes, side projects, and more.

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: these ladies have got it goin’ on. In our next post, we’ll discuss how mommy bloggers use social media to increase awareness for their brand and to build genuine relationships with their followers.

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