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[caption id="attachment_1218" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Google introduces “3-pack” local results box Image courtesy of Search Engine Land[/caption] The last time you did a search on your phone to find the best place in the area to grab a slice of pizza, you may have noticed that there were fewer results featured front and center. That’s because Google recently made a significant change to the way it arranges local search results. Not only has the number of businesses decreased from seven to three, but there has also been a slight redesign. This means big changes for how you find a pizza place and—more importantly for us—how you get your pizza place found.

The citizens of Austin let out a collective sigh of relief this week as we officially transitioned from summer to fall. The weather forecasters might be saying “high of low 90s” but we can’t stop thinking about football season, chilly nights, and pumpkin spiced everything. Before you reach for that PSL, warm up with some of Austin’s favorite seasonal drinks to get you in the autumn state of mind. Dogfish Head Punkin Beer

tweet bird chick hatching I once read a book on neuroplasticity called “The Brain That Changes Itself,” which was all about our brain’s amazing ability to, well, change itself. The title got me thinking about how stubborn and ingrown our beliefs have become—often to our detriment. If you’re looking for the link between me bragging about my reading list and the title of this post, then you’re about to get it: The marketing and business world suffers from a long-standing idea that social media is still a revolutionary idea when in fact, social media has been used in a business capacity for 13 years now. Even more impressively, social media has taken up permanent residence in our minds, changed the way we go about our days, and trained a whole generation to share personal things without reservation.

Although the temperature outside might fool you, summer in Austin is regrettably coming to an end. It’s a good thing there are still plenty of awesome events to keep us entertained this upcoming month! We compiled a list of fun activities in Austin to suit everyone’s taste. Whether you’re into craft beer or fantastic films, museum days or totally out-there comedy, you need to add these events to your calendar ASAP.