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6 Critical Components to Look for in a Social Media Team

Social media team playing on their phones
You’ve seen it – the unresearched hashtag, the incendiary personal post accidentally published on the company account, and, let’s face it, just unforgivably bad writing. These seemingly innocent mistakes can be the difference between brand prestige and brand infamy.

Whether you’re a technophile or a Luddite, you must admit (even if begrudgingly) that social media is crucial to your marketing and branding efforts. It’s where your clients live, where your competitors creep, and where customer service thrives.
At some point, you’ll need to go from harmless flirting in the social realm to putting a ring on it. When that time comes, an experienced social media team will be invaluable to back you up, increase your AWESOME, make sure your message is delivered in the correct voice and reach your target audience on the appropriate platforms.
Our social media team at SaleAMP eats, breathes, and tweets all things social, so we’ve put together a few tips for those looking to take their social relationships to the next level.
Track Record
How many times have you met a social media expert? Probably very few. Sadly, it’s easy for people to don the moniker with no more experience than maintaining their own personal social profiles. Make sure you have access to the case studies, testimonials, or other samples of work you need to ascertain that your social media experts are actually proficient in working with brands. Bonus points if they have both B2C and B2B experience!
While organic, non-lead generation social media can be anecdotal (read: frustrating), there are still deliverables that should be tracked, measured, and reported. If a social team doesn’t help you establish benchmarks and talk about what it’ll be monitoring month to month then run… run far away.
“But it’s real-time! Ad hoc! There’s no time for organization!” Scoff at these sentiments! Social IS a conversation and while some of your best organic reach will happen with real-time content about trending topics, evergreen (non-trending) pieces can do just as well and be just as engaging. Writing some content in advance, implementing a QA process, including hashtag research, and presenting a publishing schedule will help discern the pros from the cons.
“Just give us the login credentials and we’ll take care of the rest!” Like ANY service you use, your social team should be transparent about its process. What does onboarding look like? What is the messaging protocol? Does QA happen? When is scheduling done? If you social team can’t answer these questions, it’s time to make like a Jefferson and move on up.
“Passion?,” you say? Yes! Passion. At the end of the day, your social media content is the essence of your brand. It’s how you speak to the world and how the world speaks to you. If your team isn’t passionate and knowledgeable, this will come through in its writing. Users are savvy – they know a wooden sales pitch when they see one. Your social team needs to make sure your brand persona shines through, and that takes passion.
Ultimately, your social media team needs to be an extension of your brand. Make sure the conversation is just that – a conversation. The team will need things from you to thrive as well, like image assets, campaign updates, promotion information and event details. If you don’t communicate, your attempts at social outreach will fall flat!
To cultivate a truly successful social media relationship, you need to build upon a foundation composed of all six attributes mentioned above. It’s your brand, your voice, your passion – don’t settle for anything less than perfection.

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