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Content Marketing

The Bachelor final rose   Anyone who knows me can speak of my obsession with reality television. My particular favorite: “The Bachelor.” From the moment the eligible bachelorettes step out of the limo to meet their future ex-husband to the Fantasy Suite and the final rose, one thing is for sure—the audience is hooked. As much as "The Bachelor" has taught us what not to do in a relationship, there are some content marketing takeaways to learn as we watch the inevitable train wreck.  

Every time I hear the theme music to “Jurassic Park,” I’m transported 20 years back. I’m 13 years old, feeling the same awe Dr. Grant felt the first time he saw the brachiosaur eating from the treeline. He asked John Hammond, the park’s millionaire mastermind,  “How’d you do it?” As a marketer, I ask myself the same question. Using marketing techniques available at the time of their respective releases, how did “Jurassic Park” and the latest franchise installment, “Jurassic World,” become such mega hits? “Jurassic Park” made more than $320 million since its release and “Jurassic World” has nearly doubled that number. Since the 1993 release of “Jurassic Park,” we’ve seen the fall of publication and the rise of blogging, the decline of post and the boom of email, the shift from landline to mobile, and to the development of a truly global socially connected world. In addition to being great products on their own, “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World” found success due to smart, creative marketing that utilized available technology.