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Here’s your TL;DR for this week’s digital marketing news: 6/1/2015

This week in digital marketing news, take a live tour of the British Museum, get schooled by HuffPost, learn proper pitching etiquette, and discover how your inbound marketing services come together.

Periscope Gives Users Live Tour of British Museum Exhibit

Periscope gives users live tour of “Defining Beauty: The Body in Ancient Greek Art" exhibition at the British Museum.

Image courtesy of Mashable

Twitter’s new video streaming app, Periscope, gave users a live tour of the “Defining Beauty: The Body in Ancient Greek Art” exhibition at the British Museum. Viewers of the 30-minute live broadcast tuned in and asked questions via Twitter and Periscope.
This idea is great for education, but what about businesses?
Our social marketing specialist has a few ideas:
“From a business standpoint I could not be more excited. My prediction for this is an awesome and powerful combination of live streaming and augmented reality. As a business, you can put your code on a brick wall in a city, invisible to the naked eye but, via streaming, a bright and glorious ad, a branding opportunity, a game, a call to action–basically whatever you can imagine! I’d love for this to be the next crucial step in the evolution of digital marketing. For now, I’m just enjoying the view.” –Michelle Courtright, Sr. Social Marketing Specialist
3 Tips from the World’s Most Popular Blogs
3 content marketing tips from the world’s most popular blogs

Image courtesy of Content Marketing Institute

Can you name the three most popular blogs of today? I’ll give you a hint: A curator, a gossiper, and a news anchor walk into a bar… Yes, the Huffington Post, TMZ, and Business Insider are currently dominating the blogosphere. Why, you ask? Here are a few key elements they have perfected:

  • Find and publish killer content
  • Feed and fuel curiosity
  • Know your audience

While these may seem basic, laying the proper foundation is key to producing interest-piquing content and gaining more readers than ever.
“The best way to garner attention of the blogging world is to not only produce well-written, newsworthy content, but to create content that is going to resonate with your target audience. TMZ capitalizes on human curiosity about celebrities and feeds that curiosity with content for that particular niche. It works for them because they know what their audience wants to read.” – Megan Hodges, Inbound Marketing Coordinator
Perfecting the Follow-Up Pitch
You’ve come up with the perfect outreach strategy, built a list of the best media outlets and publications, and sent out a well-written pitch. Days go by and it’s time to check in. Do you know how?
Here are a few etiquette tips to keep in mind when following up with bloggers and media outlets:

  • Be calm – Give your contact a few days to read your email and digest your proposal before reaching out to him or her again.
  • Be polite – This holds true whether you are communicating via phone or email. It may be difficult waiting for a response, but try to remain as flexible and patient as possible.
  • Keep it simple – We are all short on time, so get straight to the point.
  • Do the legwork – Provide research, data, and stats to show you are serious.
  • Don’t make promises you can’t keep – Don’t stray from your initial pitch. Bloggers and publications expect the same courtesy of hitting deadlines as clients do.
  • Be prepared – A potential media outlet could contact you any time. Make sure you have the details and specifics ready.
  • Don’t take it personally – Step back and take a look at your strategy. If it doesn’t seem to be working, change your angle.

“The most important elements you can show a blogger through your pitch are that you are a real person and can write for their community. Get to know the outlet you’re pitching, do your research and develop a relationship with the audience before you pitch. This will make all the difference in perfecting your follow-up pitch.” – Kathryn Bonesteel, Digital/PR Specialist
All About That Inbound Marketing Strategy

Bill Gates claims “content is king.”

Image courtesy of Entrepreneur

Bill Gates said it first back in 1996: “Content is king.” This may be so, but content needs an entire inbound marketing team to support it.

  • Use SEO best practices to optimize search results.
  • Save time with inbound marketing automation to automate and simplify the process of content creation, distribution, capturing leads, and measuring your ROI.
  • Start building relationships with bloggers and industry publications to share and distribute your content to their readers.
  • Building a social community of loyal customers and followers is a great way to share content.

“Content isn’t just King anymore- it’s King, Queen, Prince, Princess, and so on. Not only has content creation reached an all-time high, but assets have diversified, as well as the approach. Creating high quality content is the first step, but you have to ensure you’re pushing that content out in front of the right people, amplifying on social or through PR, and constantly analyzing and refining using cutting edge tools.” – Stefanie D’Aulizio, Director of Inbound Marketing Operations
As you can see, SEO, social, and digital PR all come into play when developing a kickass inbound marketing strategy. You can’t have one without the others!
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    December 25, 2015

    Peter,You are on the right track. Take the following quote in conextt from the original source article and it helps clarify a bit more, Text messages on your cell phone are the most interrupting messages that exist as they require immediate attention like a crying baby. Inbound mobile marketing works, outbound mobile marketing doesn’t work. More succinct.Thanks for stopping by and commenting,Mark

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