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How to Make Don Draper Jealous With Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Make Don Draper jealous with your inbound marketing strategy
Almost all companies today are employing inbound marketing strategies to some degree—typically in the form of content creation and amplification across social media. While these major silos build a basic inbound marketing foundation, you may be asking yourself, what now? What am I missing that can create a more cohesive strategy and really elevate my efforts?

Be Scientific with Your Creativity
Everyone has seen the “Mad Men” episodes where the members of Don Draper’s creative team sit in the office playing with products and word association until BAM—lightning strikes. Sadly, coming up with ideas off the top of your head will only go so far, because consumers have evolved right along with our marketing techniques. While an idea might score a 10 for creativity, it can fail to resonate. Today, we have the tools to feed our creative spark with data.
Google analytics is the tool most readily available to help identify which assets are bringing high-quality traffic and conversions to the site. For example, using metrics like time on site and bounce rate, you can pinpoint which content is resonating with visitors and enticing them to delve deeper, and which topics to shed from your strategy because they’re not getting traffic. Analytics can also provide usual information around visitor demographics and even lets you see what your visitors click most frequently on the page. This will allow you to be more creative with your CTA designs and take an informed approach to promoting supplementary content.
It’s also important to use social tools and the data they present to fuel your creative strategy. This is what makes inbound marketing so amazing—every initiative feeds into and off the others. BuzzSumo is an example of a great platform that allows you to analyze what’s trending in your industry, both in terms of conversation and sharing. You can not only participate in the conversation and then hopefully lead it, but know how that information is being digested, and by whom. BuzzSumo helps you create content for your audience in the format these individuals prefer, with a headline that matches their searches. Additionally, the tool offers insight into which social platforms would work best in terms of amplification.
Calls to Action: Not Just for Landing Pages
A good site has well-developed landing pages, with clear CTAs for conversion. These typically correlate to the sales funnel and state the primary goals for your traffic. However, a lot of marketers overlook how important secondary CTAs can be for further support of all of your marketing activities. Secondary CTAs should not directly compete with your primary CTAs, but rather complement them in a way that can lead to reconversion of existing leads, further qualification, or, most importantly, promote your other marketing efforts.
While the primary CTAs speak mainly to visitors at a specific funnel stage, secondary CTAs can help drive prospects at any level of the funnel because they tend to be less invasive, allowing visitors to be present with your brand but not directly speaking to it.
Some examples of secondary CTAs include:

  • Encouraging visitors to follow you on social media with links to your profiles. This can be done on any major informational site page, individual blog post pages, or in your email newsletters.
  • Prompts to subscribe to your email newsletters. These are most commonly included on the homepage or on blog pages, and can even be placed on social channels or landing pages with primary CTAs.
  • Related products or articles (supplementary content) or video downloads featured alongside corresponding content across your website, or in post scripts of your more targeted email campaigns.

Remember, constantly test, analyze, and reform your CTAs to ensure they are optimized and resonating with your target audience. Always focus more on the quality of your leads than the quantity!
Turn Influencers into Brand Ambassadors
Influencer outreach is quickly gaining traction in the digital world, and outreach in general is your best friend when it comes to making sure your content goes the distance. Using social tools like BuzzSumo or Topsy or a larger PR or social software database can show you who is talking about topics your brand is interested in, and how big of a following they have. Interact with them, their blog, and their social channels to establish a rapport, and then reach out.
Example: Perhaps you sell a wide range of outdoor camping supplies, with a typical audience of avid male campers. You are carrying a new line of portable, easy-to-assemble tents. Utilizing social, digital PR, and content, here are some things you can do:

  • Digital PR: Reach out to influencers in the travel sphere, specifically road-trippers who blog about their adventures (easy-to-pack portable tents would be a convenient space-saver), nature and park enthusiasts, and even family vacationers.
  • Content: Create an infographic around a seasonal topic such as “Best natural wonders to visit this summer.” This can be posted on the influencer’s site or blog, with a link back to yours.
  • Social: Once the infographic is posted, both you and the influencer can promote on social media.

Bonus: Sponsor a tent giveaway (publicized on your blog and promoted on social) using newsletter signup as the entry. The influencer can then promote the contest. The influencer’s audience will not only interact with you, but further amplify the message via social media, continuing to insert your brand in front of new individuals who may be different from your direct consumer.
The most important thing is to establish a relationship, instead of a one-time transaction. Don’t forget to offer cross-promotion via social, guest posts, or contest collaboration—just to name a few options.
Inbound marketing is a complex but important undertaking because you have so many services at your disposal. Take advantage of every opportunity, whether it be on site, using tools, or employing new tactics to elevate your strategy from good to great!

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